California retro rock n roll trio Greg Hoy & The Boys are touring 2019-2020 to support their self-titled double vinyl LP & cassette release as well as their 6 song LP 'Enjoy the View' recorded by Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies) and mixed by Sylvia Massy (Tool, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty).
Divide & Conquor says 'Live, Hoy is like Jack White AND Jack Black rolled into one... I was addicted the first time I heard it' The Big Takeover Issue 83 says 'Drop the needle anywhere on these 4 sides and you're greeted with Hoy's crunchy, meaty, dirt discharging guitars & swaggering Mick Jagger/David Johansen-like growl. Hoy's boys kick out plenty of 70's punk, rnb, blues inspired jams.' Red Red Wine on a Sunday says 'This 2 LP set is deep - like peeling layers off an onion - each song is a revelation!'
Recorded to analog tape at Tiny Telephone San Francisco, the 22 caffeinated rock songs deal with themes about love, death, coffee, and cocaine.
The band's 'Limited Mileage' Tour is a spectacle of delight as their remodeled '73 Airstream takes them all over the United States, and they're shooting a web TV series about it, too.

The boys are currently Vicky Warwick (Thompson Twins) & David E. Richman (St Bastard).
Occassional boys: Jason Slota (John Vanderslice, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down), Jacob Winick (Magnetic Fields, Bells Atlas), Dennis Galway, and Nate Fink.

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